International Getways has been closed!

Cultures Across America

In its place, we have formed a new company called Cultures Across America, Inc. to create a new set of nation wide websites each featuring a special “culture” or "theme" from across America.

Our original site,, was primarily dedicated to ethnic and cross-cultural resources in Colorado. We are now expanding our online presence to serve all of the United States with our new website,

What will our new site offer?

  1. Our national site will launch using the same ethnic and cross-cultural focus as as we used for
  2. Our previous one-theme site will expand theme-by-theme to include multiple “cultures” or themes.
  3. Themes are organized around hobbies, work, and social structures to create natural communities of information and interest.
  4.  Each theme has it’s own separate directory with listings submitted by our members.
  5. We invite local organizations, businesses, agencies, or grassroots groups to add their listing to one or more of our directories.
  6. Users can promote their organizations, events, projects, and more with banner ads targeted through one or more themes.

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